Anniversary getaway

3 years married We still can’t believe we have been married for 3 years! 3 YEARS! This feels like a dream! I mean, it has been mostly great and “adventurous” as some might say, but there have been times we want to rip out each others’ heads! So we pretty much have a “well-balanced” marriageContinue reading “Anniversary getaway”

5 ways to style your confidence

People who know me well would unanimously agree that I am a super laidback person when it comes to personal style. I used to still do end up choosing comfort over style and most of the time, dressing up would mean putting on a t-shirt, jeans and a pair of boring flats. I also usedContinue reading “5 ways to style your confidence”

30 fun facts about me!

Hey there my beautiful friends! I was contemplating for days whether to do a random “fun fact about me” post and I figured, hell yeah! It is fun to sit down and think of quirky bits about me. Also, a post like this may help my lovely readers get to know me a little moreContinue reading “30 fun facts about me!”