30 fun facts about me!

Hey there my beautiful friends!

I was contemplating for days whether to do a random “fun fact about me” post and I figured, hell yeah! It is fun to sit down and think of quirky bits about me. Also, a post like this may help my lovely readers get to know me a little more beyond pictures of me spreading love and positivity!

So let’s get started!

  1. Ever since i was a little girl, I had always dreamed of becoming a commercial aircraft pilot.
  2. My mum tagged along to give me support when I got my first tattoo at the age of 18.
  3. Airplanes and flying fascinate me.
  4. I love watching DIY videos, but I am ho-rri-ble at making anything from scratch.
  5. I can watch ratchet/stupid reality tv shows for hours. KUWTK woot woot!
  6. I finished my Piano course (Grade 8) but still don’t enjoy playing the instrument.
  7. I can’t live without my phone, deodorant, my glasses and Malaysian food.
  8. I am terribly awkward at small talk.
  9. Forever dilemma part I – to hug or to shake hands?
  10. Forever dilemma part II – one or both cheek air kiss?
  11. I am a class A Germaphobe. Get away from me E.Coli!
  12. I have a pretty deep cleft chin which gets quite a lot of attention.
  13. My embarrassing childhood crush was Peter Andre. I know, ew.
  14. I am easily distracted when engaged in a conversation because I have my own conversations in my head going on at the same time.
  15. Back in Form 4, I celebrated Diwali in hospital after being diagnosed with a severe  case of Dengue fever.
  16. I have a love-hate relationship with shopping malls.
  17. I have done quite a number of dances performances for events and weddings.
  18. Once, I randomly walked into a tattoo parlour in Perth and got a nape piercing, which I had removed before going for a surgery not long ago.
  19. No matter how hot the temp is, I need to sleep with a thick blanket / comforter.
  20. Edward Scissorhands was my ultimate favourite movie as a child.
  21. My actual name was supposed to be Jasmine but my Granddad insisted on naming me Narin.
  22. For the life of me, I cannot bake anything. Including easy-peasy Betty Crocker’s!
  23. Some of my bucket list includes skydiving, flying a small airplane, ski-ing down a snowy mountain, Coachella, building a happy place for all the abandoned and stray doggies, attempting G. Ramsay’s complicated scrambled eggs recipe because it looks legit delicious!
  24. I have trouble remembering things so I have 2 different apps on my phone to help me remember important dates and to-do’s.
  25. I love being in water and can swim play all day long. Err, wrinkly fingers excite me?
  26. I love love love eating anything with Nutella in it.
  27. My worst beauty mistake was going blonde. Thick black eyebrows and yellow-blonde long locks. Need it say more?
  28. Yes, I am a certified closet worry wart. I worry about everything and it annoys the closest people to me.
  29. Being a grown ass woman, I am still afraid to sleep in the dark alone.
  30. When i shop, I fill my basket up with tons of stuff. Along the way, I contemplate and take out unnecessary items one-by-one. I usually end up purchasing 2 out 25 items.

I enjoy knowing eccentric things about other people too. In fact, I would love to read some facts about my readers in the comment section as this would be a great way to get to know you guys a little bit! Go on now, tell me something crazy about you!

Have a blessed weekend, y’all!






Love thy booty

A couple of months ago, I was walking in Bangsar to get lunch when someone approached me on the street to ask me about the jeans I was wearing that day! Although I was in kind of a hurry, I was happy to stop to speak to her as she sounded so genuinely curious. She exclaimed that she couldn’t find the right pair of jeans because, in her exact words: “I have a big butt like yours!

Mind you, I did not take any offense at all! Any other person who did not think like I do would’ve set this woman in her 20s on fire. I didn’t think that this woman was criticizing my body shape and my outlook, instead, she thought she probably could relate to me. And so I briefed her on some tips and tricks to dress a pear-shaped body, shook hands and I went on to get my lunch.

While I ate my lunch, I pondered that woman’s statement to me. I thought to myself, if that exact statement was said to me about 3-5 years ago, I would’ve driven myself crazy! I would’ve been so embarrassed and would probably starve myself that night hoping to lose the butt in the morning. I would’ve dressed in unshapely pants for months expecting to hide the voluminous part of my hips. Heck, I would not have made it to lunch without shedding some salty tears!

All the bad memories of how I was body shamed in my younger days came flooding in. I remember how it bothered me so much. My friends would poke and make fun by calling me names that characterized the shape and so-called-enormity of my butt. Some of my family members who were “kind” enough to have my best interest in mind were intentionally and unintentionally body shaming me, for instance, by making me sit in the front passenger “so 4 can sit comfortably behind.” Oh, how could I forget this one time before a relative’s wedding when one lovely family member had told instructed me to slather on more makeup to take the attention away from my big butt and wide hips! *Roll eyes*

Coming back to the now, I am so glad to have really grown to learn and love my body. I have grown to accept that I have a larger butt. I even find it humorous that the word backside is synonymous with gluteus maximus because errr… I have a Maximus butt! I no longer attempt to manipulate my natural body shape, instead, I work out to sweat and feel healthier and light. I’m no Kardashian and will probably never live that lavish lifestyle, but I am blessed with countless opportunities to enjoy living in the body I love, to do the things I want to do and to tick off my bucket list one-by-one! I even take compliments and criticisms graciously because one way or another, people are curious to know how it feels like to have a boom-boom-pow bum. Truth be told, when I see another equally endowed woman, I tend to feel a certain connection like we are an extended family, pun intended.

If someone tells you that you’re not beautiful, turn around and walk away so they can have a great view of your fabulous ass!

~ Miley Cyrus ~

To all my followers and readers out there, please bear in mind that there are millions of different body types in this world and despite what our chauvinistic mainstream culture would have us think, no two persons are meant to look identical. I certainly am not meant to have a petite bum and perhaps someone out there may attempt 100 squats a day and still not achieve a Kylie Jenner butt! It saddens me to hear so many beautiful women say “I am so fat and I need to lose the tummy.” and all I see is a normal petite girl with no fat roll whatsoever to lose. I used to say those same things to myself all the time but it did nothing to me except bring me down even lower with my self-esteem. To all the girls, ladies, gorgeous women out there, please don’t do that to yourselves because when you hold your bodies to absurd societal standards and try to look like stereotypical magazine models or celebrities, you make it crazy difficult to really love yourselves!

Remember, everybody’s body moves differently. Work out, exercise those muscles and bones to stay healthy, eat nutritious foods and drink lots of water. Keep those positive vibes up and negativity low and you will soon notice the difference – the difference in the level of self-confidence and happiness. Because until and unless you learn to treat your body with love and respect, no one will.

Question of the day

Which part(s) of your body do you love?



Curvy Kaur


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My Skincare routine

For as long as I can remember, there was never a time I did NOT have pimples and acne. I remember those crazy times I would try cheap home remedies like applying weird gunk (aloe vera gel, lemon slice, and toothpaste) on my face, hoping the ugly red dots (sometimes pus-filled) on my face would miraculously disappear.  Boy, was I wrong!

I tried off-the-shelf skincare products like Sukin, Cetaphil, Uriage and Simple and even the higher range products like Clinique, Caudalie, Estee Lauder and Kiehl’s, to name a few, but nothing did my skin condition any justice. My skin took a turn for the worse in mid-2011. My face was suddenly red and covered with cystic acne. I knew I needed medical help as people around me were growing more concerned about this sudden change. I consulted the famous Dr. Nathan Bangsar and he prescribed his even famous topical acne solution and put me on Ro-Accutane. That shit is bad for you! I became a crazy woman!

Anyhoo, I did some tests and found out that I had PCOS ( Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and Hypothyroidism, so it seems like I had a party going on in my body! After my exciting double-diagnosis, my dad wasn’t too stoked about the whole RoAccutane thing and so I stopped taking dem crazy pills because they were making me crazy!

Fast forward to these last few years, I got married and things changed for the better. My lifestyle became more of a routine, less late nights, more water intake, cleaner eating, more exercise, less fast food. Simultaneously, my skin also looked better.

I have been using Murad’s skincare range for over 2 years now. I still wouldn’t say my skin is 10/10, but it has helped make my skin look better. Click on the links below to learn more about the products that saved my skin from making me look like a pizza-faced teenager!


Constantly reminding myself to love me, clear skin or not!

Also, I want to share my tips and steps to ensure that my face remains clean and clear :

  • Change bedsheets and pillow covers weekly
  • Remove makeup before bed with micellar water, followed by 3 important steps: cleanser, toner, and moisturizer
  • Get enough sleep, 6 – 8 hours
  • Apply mask weekly (i use Murad’s Clarifying Mask)
  • Exfoliate every other day ( i use St. Ives’s Apricot Scrub)
  • Stay positive!
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Feels like London

So the temperature in Malaysia has been awfully weird these past few days. It almost feels like London. Suddenly our hot and humid tropical weather feels chilly and darker than we are accustomed to. For those who are unfamiliar with weather patterns in Malaysia, our usual temperatures fall between 25°C at night to 34°C at noon. Currently, the temperature is between 21°C to 28°C, and because we are situated very near the Equatorial line, this baffles the lot of us!

I have been thoroughly enjoying this change of weather, simply because I LOVE the cooler (not colder) climates! Also, for some crazy reason, I fantasize putting on boots, a parka, and gloves out of the house! Am I weird?

So, while most people who are equally puzzled by this amazing weather change decide to stay indoors and keep warm, I decided to take drag Mr. R out for an evening stroll on the streets for some picture taking.

Outfit today

Dorothy Perkins Indigo Darcy Ripped jeans

Uniqlo camisole

Question of the day :

Do you prefer to be in a warm or cold climate?






Sunday Funday

I woke up with a massive sprained neck today. FML!

Had a whole Sunday schedule planned and I wasn’t going to bail on my plans because the whole week is going to be crazy for me, and I don’t think it is going to be possible to get some time out to run all the errands.

So, I made Mr.R rub some Thai version of Yoko-yoko on my neck, dressed up comfy, put some make up on, braced the stiff neck and off I went to run those errands.

First on the list, LUNCH! We were craving Chilli’s Country Fried Chicken and once we have food on our minds, nothing in the world can change that!

Of course, pictures had to be taken!

Strolling along Bangsar walkway
Smiling to hide my melting make up

Mr. R did fairly well in taking my pictures, albeit the scorching sun and hot wind blowing in our faces.

Now I’m home, tore open a bag of popadoms and filled up a glass of lemon water and totally ready to start on the other errands. Still have a whole list of errands to run, except now it is all online errands like paying the bills and loans.

Have a great Sunday, ya’ll!



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