My story

Born and raised in Malaysia, I spent most of my growing up years in a “cowboy” town called Langkap. I grew up catching tadpoles at the streams in oil-palm estates with my dad and playing boyish games with the neighborhood boys.I totally loved my childhood and the outdoorsy adventures I got to experience.

Later on, in my teenage years, my parents and I moved to a bigger and more developed town called Ipoh. I picked up hockey as a sport in high school and was the conductor/leader of my school’s Choral Speaking team, which won 1st place in the National competition under my leadership (still basking in my glory to this date).  Of course, I had my share of a rebellious stage where I started dating, talked to boys and did other adventurous stuff like save my pocket money to call my then-puppy love using the public phone.

After high school, I went a few universities as I could not decide what I wanted to major in. Ultimately, I completed my degree in Psychology and could finally make my parents happy. Although I have an undying passion for Psychology, my life did not take me on this road. Instead, I met my husband-then-boyfriend who encouraged me to join him in business. It was the toughest call that I had made because we were two young adults, struggling to make ends meet. I recall some days when we had to share a cheap meal because we needed to save some money for petrol to commute to work.

But married we did get. And things just escalated from there. We signed a few deals, made some money, made new friends, traveled a little, tried new cuisines, basically just living life just the way we want to. Of course, with our two little furkids we adore like crazy, N & P.

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