Malaysian Spicy chicken sambal

In the mood for some spice? Missing some good Malaysian comfort food? Got invited to a potluck but have no idea what to make?

Give my Spicy chicken sambal recipe a go! It’s a combination of spicy, sweet, sour and salty dish that will guarantee a second…or third helping of rice!

Stay safe, stay home and cook delicious homemade meals!

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Shakshuka with Moroccan-spiced Lamb Sausages

One of our favourite hearty Sunday breakfast we make at home when we just want to be in our PJs all day and Netflix & chill! I mean, a one-pot poached eggs, delicious lamb sausages and tomatoes…who needs to go out, right?Also, it is a PCOS-friendly recipe for all my PCOS-cysters who want something delicious…

Plus size girl’s guide to wearing prints

The time has come to stop the obsession with dressing to look thinner, ladies. Even the thought of it feels so limiting. I know that women of all sizes feel the pressure to dress and look smaller than we actually are. Some of us even deliberately purchase clothes that are smaller, hoping to one day…

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