Feels like London

So the temperature in Malaysia has been awfully weird these past few days. It almost feels like London. Suddenly our hot and humid tropical weather feels chilly and darker than we are accustomed to. For those who are unfamiliar with weather patterns in Malaysia, our usual temperatures fall between 25°C at night to 34°C at noon. Currently, the temperature is between 21°C to 28°C, and because we are situated very near the Equatorial line, this baffles the lot of us!

I have been thoroughly enjoying this change of weather, simply because I LOVE the cooler (not colder) climates! Also, for some crazy reason, I fantasize putting on boots, a parka, and gloves out of the house! Am I weird?

So, while most people who are equally puzzled by this amazing weather change decide to stay indoors and keep warm, I decided to take drag Mr. R out for an evening stroll on the streets for some picture taking.

Outfit today

Dorothy Perkins Indigo Darcy Ripped jeans

Uniqlo camisole

Question of the day :

Do you prefer to be in a warm or cold climate?






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