Sunday Funday

I woke up with a massive sprained neck today. FML!

Had a whole Sunday schedule planned and I wasn’t going to bail on my plans because the whole week is going to be crazy for me, and I don’t think it is going to be possible to get some time out to run all the errands.

So, I made Mr.R rub some Thai version of Yoko-yoko on my neck, dressed up comfy, put some make up on, braced the stiff neck and off I went to run those errands.

First on the list, LUNCH! We were craving Chilli’s Country Fried Chicken and once we have food on our minds, nothing in the world can change that!

Of course, pictures had to be taken!

Strolling along Bangsar walkway
Smiling to hide my melting make up

Mr. R did fairly well in taking my pictures, albeit the scorching sun and hot wind blowing in our faces.

Now I’m home, tore open a bag of popadoms and filled up a glass of lemon water and totally ready to start on the other errands. Still have a whole list of errands to run, except now it is all online errands like paying the bills and loans.

Have a great Sunday, ya’ll!



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