30 fun facts about me!

Hey there my beautiful friends! I was contemplating for days whether to do a random “fun fact about me” post and I figured, hell yeah! It is fun to sit down and think of quirky bits about me. Also, a post like this may help my lovely readers get to know me a little more […]

Love thy booty

A couple of months ago, I was walking in Bangsar to get lunch when someone approached me on the street to ask me about the jeans I was wearing that day! Although I was in kind of a hurry, I was happy to stop to speak to her as she sounded so genuinely curious. She […]

Feels like London

So the temperature in Malaysia has been awfully weird these past few days. It almost feels like London. Suddenly our hot and humid tropical weather feels chilly and darker than we are accustomed to. For those who are unfamiliar with weather patterns in Malaysia, our usual temperatures fall between 25°C at night to 34°C at noon. Currently, […]